Betty Makoni – Girl Child Network and the Girl Child Empowerment Model

Betty Makoni was in London this October,  to talk about the work of the Girl Child Network and the Empowerment model she created. LDC News Service interviewed her about her work and her success in galvanising young girls with its message of “Do it, Try it”. Betty Makoni began  15 years ago Zimbabwe setting up a club for ten girls who had dropped out of school. This has grown to 35,000 girls in the clubs worldwide, and her method of empowering young women adopted in over 100 countries. Continue reading

What can micro-credit offer Least Developed Countries? Daphne Davies

When microfinance was first developed in the 1990s it was seen as ‘the magic bullet’ to help raise people in developing countries – including LDCS – out of poverty. While it has lost some of its early glamour on the international stage, it still continues to offer invaluable help small entrepreneurs, as the example of Nouniesse Jacques illustrates.

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