A new UN aid strategy for Somalia

At the start of October, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Program and UNICEF conducted a planning mission in Dolow, in Somalia’s southern Gedo region. The mission, which included meeting implementing partners and communities, is one of the many steps toward implementing the three UN agencies’ joint strategy to build resilience in Somalia, explains Elena Pasquini Continue reading

Let’s walk the walk towards making LDCs history, said Dr Arjun Karki of LDC Watch

Speaking at a meeting on UNCATD’s contribution to the Istanbul Programme of Action for LDCs this September, Arjun Karki, LDC Watch International Coordinator presented the NGO perspective Continue reading


En juin, l’Observatoire des PMA, la Commission économique des Nations Unies pour l’Afrique le Bureau du Haut Représentant pour les PMA, la CNUCED a organisé l’Assemblée de Stratégie régionale de la société civile africaine des PMA vers la mise en œuvre du Programme d’action d’Istanbul (PAI), à Addis-Abeba, en Ethiopie.

Les messages-clés ont insisté sur la nécessité de promouvoir les intérêts des PMA et de renforcer leur voix sur la scène internationale. Ils ont également appelé à une plus grande implication des organisations de la société civile dans la mise en œuvre des programmes d’appui aux PMA. À cet égard, ils ont insisté sur le rôle de l’Observatoire des PMA (OPMA) dans le processus de mise en œuvre du PAI et ont réitéré leur volonté de coopérer avec l’OPMA dans ce processus. Continue reading

Statement from the African LDC civil society regional Assembly – 14 June

This June, LDC Watch,  UNECA, UN-OHRLLS and UNCTAD, organized the Africa LDC Civil Society Regional Strategy Assembly on the Implementation of the Istanbul Program of Action (IPoA) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to draw up LDC CSOs’ campaign and advocacy strategies to support their involvement in the IPoA implementation, and discuss the 2013 global review of the MDGs and the post-2015 CSO agenda.

The key message was the need to promote LDC interests and strengthen their voice on the international scene and for greater  civil society involvement in implementing programs supporting LDCs. Participants stressed LDC Watch’s role in implementing the IPoA and reiterated their readiness to cooperate with it. Continue reading

Athletes from Timor Leste – one of the ‘newest’ LDCs – complete in the Olympics

Augusto Ramos Soares from Timor-Leste

Augusto Ramos Soares and fellow marathon runner Juventina Napoleao, 23, are the only Timorese athletes who will compete at the Olympics this year. Their participation is no small feat for a country still shaking off a past so violent that locals like to joke: “The last time I ran, it was because Indonesian troops were chasing me.” Continue reading