Climate change: Asian NGO alliance urges governments to solve climate crisis

Climate change Asia As representatives of over 150 countries signed the Paris Agreement on climate change in New York today, an alliance of Asian social movements demanded governments to do their fair share in solving the climate crisis.

“We must remember that the national pledges which form part of the Paris Agreement, when combined, fail to ensure that the global temperature increase does not breach the 1.5 degrees Celsius limit”. said Lidy Nacpil, coordinator of the Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD), from Manila Continue reading

Why Africa’s future depends on its women entrepreneurs

Malti Danjuma, 21 April: What does the Fourth Industrial Revolution mean to you? DoWomen in Africa you fear robots or self-driving cars taking your job, or do you see the block chain, 3D printing or any other fast-developing technology as an opportunity to create a business, overtake the competition or build a fairer, more equal society? This is the question that will play out at the World Economic Forum on Africa next month in Kigali. Continue reading

Gambia: Opposition activist Solo Sandeng dies in detention, after protests

Gambia protests20 April 2016: Solo Sandeng, an opposition activist in The Gambia has died in detention, following his arrest during street protests, and there are calls for an enquiry into his death. Another activist Fatoumata Jawara, who was detained with Mr Sandeng during protests on Thursday, is believed to have serious injuries. Several senior opposition leaders were arrested on Saturday after demanding answers from the authorities.There has been no comment yet from the Gambian government. Continue reading

SEATINI, Ugandan NGO says dichotomy between SDGs, and the outcomes of the COP 21 and the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference on the other.,

In a paper released for the UNCTAD IV session in Nairobi in July, SEATINI, (Southern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute) points out the contradiction between the ambitious SDGs, and the results of COP21 and the WTO Meeting, which represent a step backwards for LDCs.

Find the paper here: file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/SEATINI%20Position%20Paper%20on%20UNCTAD%2014%20Forum.pdf

WTO Ministerial Nairobi: only five countries allowed into negotiations at the WTO Meeting – 157 countries excluded

21 December, Nairobi: On Friday, civil society activists, in Nairobi for the 10th Ministerial meeting of WTO Nairobithe World Trade Organization (WTO), including LDC Watch, protested the non-transparent and exclusive nature of the negotiations. A small group of five countries, known as the G5, is meeting behind closed doors to draft the text. The protestors pointed out that no African countries are present at these secret negotiations, which is the first WTO Ministerial on the continent of Africa, and that no Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are present in the talks. Civil society pointed out the outrageousness of rich countries pushing to abandon the so-called “Development Round” while excluding LDCs and Africans from the discussions Continue reading

WTO Ministerial: Nairobi must deliver a binding LDC package consistent with the IPoA commitment, says LDC Watch

WTO Nairobi15 December, Nairobi: Over 80 civil society experts – trdevelopment advocates, trade unionists, farmers, , and consumer activists from over 25 countries are at Nairobi for the 10th Ministerial meeting the WTO. Keys issue to be debated are WTO barriers to food security and sustainable development, the long overdue LDC package, and the need for any future agreements to address asymetries and imbalances in the existing WTO rules, particularly agriculture, Special and Differential Treatment (SDT). Continue reading

Climate just groups: the Great Escape of the developed world comes at the expense of real lives, real bodies in the South.

Paris, 14 Dec: Climate Justice Groups give the real results: The self-congratulation in this room is palpable. We’ve heard that this moment is “a turning point for humankind and a message of light.” These are pretty words, meant to provide us only an escape from reality.The denial in this room is palpable. Nobody wants to hear the inconvenient truth, which is no longer climate change itself, but rather the fact that the Great Escape of the developed world comes at the expense of real lives, real bodies in the South. Continue reading

Paris: World Agrees to Increase Emissions

Farmers in india pray for rain

Farmers in india pray for rain

Jonathan Neale, Global Climate Jobs, 14 December: The circus is over. The suits are leaving Paris. Millions of words have been written about the text. But one fact stands out. All the governments of the world have agreed to increase global greenhouse gas emissions every year between now and 2030. Why? Because all the countries have agreed to accept the promises of all the other countries. Among the top 20 countries for emissions, here are the countries that have promised to increase their emissions a lot by 2030: China, India, Russia, Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam. Continue reading