international Women’s Day: Afghanistan

Ubaid Ahmad, 30, is programme manager, explains his work at Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan

I have been working here since 2001. In Kabul, we run a safe house where women who are at risk of violence are given food, clothing, shelter, education and vocational training. Hawca is getting ready to open two shelters in other parts of Afghanistan. Here in Kabul, we also run a legal aid centre for women who have been victims of violence Continue reading

Despite MDBs heavy spending, emerging economy infrastructure remains underinvested

Juan Carlos Concepcion 04 March 2013   

According to the World Bank, there is a $1 trillion shortfall in infrastructure spending across emerging market countries and, on average, only 50% of the necessary infrastructure investment is realized annually despite growing consumer and producer demand, with the East Asia-Pacific and South Asia regions most in need of infrastructure investment; the World Bank estimates $407 billion and $191 billion are required, respectively, to sustain economic growth Continue reading

World Social Forum – 26-30 March 2013

The World Social Forum DIgnity-Karama will take place in Tunis, 26 30 March 2013. The active involvement of movements, organizations, trade unions, platforms and networks from Tunisia, Maghreb, Machrek, Sub-saharan African, Americas, Europe and from all over the world allows us to hope for a successful, popular and dynamic Forum. Continue reading

Coastal Wetlands Highly Vulnerable to Sea-Level Rise

Susmita Dasgupta , Feb 2013

A recent investigation on the potential Sea-level rise from climate change  indicates a rise in sea levels of just one meter could destroy more than 60 percent of the developing world’s coastal wetlands currently found at one meter or less elevation. Such a rise would lead to economic losses of around $630 million per year. Continue reading

Civil society requests WTO TRIPS Council to extend LDC Transition period at 5 – 6 March meeting

More than 370 civil society organisations (representing millions) from are calling on the WTO TRIPS Council to extend the LDC transition period until a Member ceases to be an LDC in order to improve LDC access to medicines, to educational resources, to environmentally sound technologies (ESTs), and to other public goods and cultural creations and further concerned with farmers’ rights, food security, human flourishing, sustainable and equitable technological and industrial development in Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Continue reading

Afghanistan: gouvernement, opposition et talibans se réunissent près de Paris

Par Nicolas Ropert, 18 decembre 2012: Les différents groupes qui composent l’Afghanistan sont réunis à Chantilly, non loin de Paris, pendant deux jours à partir de ce mercredi 19 décembre. Des représentants du gouvernement et de l’opposition doivent discuter pour tenter de trouver une solution au conflit armé qui sévit depuis dix ans maintenant. Pour la première fois, les talibans sont attendus pour mettre en place les bases d’une future négociation. Continue reading