Athletes from Timor Leste – one of the ‘newest’ LDCs – complete in the Olympics

Augusto Ramos Soares from Timor-Leste

Augusto Ramos Soares and fellow marathon runner Juventina Napoleao, 23, are the only Timorese athletes who will compete at the Olympics this year. Their participation is no small feat for a country still shaking off a past so violent that locals like to joke: “The last time I ran, it was because Indonesian troops were chasing me.” Continue reading

Rio + 20: the search for a new economic development model to help Least Developed Countries

Discussions about the final document for the Rio meeting are mired in ill-temper and misunderstanding. This paper argues that the reason is that much of the conflict between developed and developing countries during negotiations is because the parties are arguing about the wrong things – separating ecology and economics.
While the arguments continue, the main losers from the lack of progress will be the Least Developed Countries (LDCs, the 49 most vulnerable countries in the world (as defined by the United Nations), based on a comparison of living standards, life expectancy, literacy, education, etc, says Daphne Davies, LDC News editor Continue reading