Seeds for Supper as Drought Intensifies in South Madagascar

Madagascar droughtMadagascar, Jun 14 2016 Miriam Gathigah (IPS) – Havasoa Philomene did not have any maize when the harvesting season kicked off at the end of May since like many in the Greater South of Madagascar, she had already boiled and eaten all her seeds due to the ongoing drought. Here, thousands of children are living on wild cactus fruits in spite of the severe constipation that they cause, but in the face of the most severe drought witnessed yet, Malagasy people have resorted to desperate measures just to survive. Continue reading

Angola: Des ex-militaires intégrés dans la production du café arabique

Angola coffeeSumbe, 20 juin 2016: Cinq cents-six ex-militaires seront intégrés, cette année, dans la commune d’Amboiva, municipalité de Seles, province de Cuanza Sul, dans le projet de production du café arabique, sur une surface de 560 hectares. Le gouverneur provincial de Cuanza Sul, Eusébio de Brito Teixeira, a livré cette information à l’Angop, indiquant que la commune d’Amboiva a un climat approprié pour la production du café arabique, l’un des plus cherchés sur le marché national, en vertu de l’existence dans cette localité, d’une pépinière de dix millions de plantes. Continue reading

Thousands Face Hunger and Pray for Enough Rain in Malawi

Drought in MalawiCharity Chimungu Phiri,  Jan 18 2016 (IPS): – It is 9 am in the morning but the scorching sun makes it feel like mid-afternoon. This type of weather is what experts are calling El Nino; a heat wave that is affecting countries in southern and eastern Africa.
Since El Nino hit, Malawi has experienced no rain for at least three weeks, leaving people in despair and in fear of going hungry again this year. Malawi has only one rainy season which begins in November and ends in April. When El Nino hit, most people had planted their maize (the country’s staple food) while others had even applied fertiliser. Continue reading

African leaders must not sell off agricultural land

African FarmlandThe New Age: The struggle for Africa’s independence from its colonial rulers has always been centred on land and the natural resources beneath. Today, water and land are valuable resources that are being sold and leased to multinational companies by African governments and this leaves our people without land to farm and less water available for their agricultural projects.

Continue reading

Somalia: Illegal fishing by foreign fishermen reaches all-time high

Somalia illegal fishing22-September :A new report  shows that foreign illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing in Somali waters by foreign fleets is reducing fish stocks, and has caused widespread resentment among Somali coastal communities, threatening renewed maritime insecurity.The report Securing Somali Fisheries, shows that foreign industrial IUU fishing vessels catch over 132,000 metric tons of fish each year, while the Somali artisanal fleet catches only 40,000 metric tons. Continue reading

African Development Bank to become one of Green Climate Fund’s agencies to channel climate finance to Africa

untitled (5)The African Development Bank is working hard to join the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) seven accredited agencies in order to become a key implementing agency to channel funding to the continent. In a move which brings the Green Climate Fund one step closer to financing adaptation and mitigation projects in developing countries, the GCF Board accredited seven entities at its March 2015 Board meeting. These organizations are now eligible to submit project funding proposals for consideration later this year. Continue reading

Nepal: A Trailblazer in Biodiversity Conservation

Photo2--629x323Naresh Newar/Kanya D’Almeida 17 Apr 2015 (IPS) – At dusk, when the early evening sun casts its rays over the lush landscape, the Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site about 200 km south of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, is a place of the utmost tranquility. this is the time of day when wild animals gather near the water. Not far away, a swamp deer takes its bath at the river’s edge. Continue reading

Africa: Local political leaders and wealthy countrymen looting land

images (6)17 April Jeffrey Moyo  (IPS) – There is a new scramble for Africa, with ordinary people being displaced by the affluent and  powerful as huge tracts of land on the continent are grabbed by a minority, rights activists say. “Our forefathers cried foul during colonialism when their land was grabbed by colonialists more than a century ago, but today history repeats itself, with our own political leaders and wealthy countrymen looting land,” Claris Madhuku, director of the Platform for Youth Development (PYD), a democracy lobby group in Zimbabwe. Continue reading