LDC countries disappointed from Cop26

London – The LDC Group, representing 46 of the poorest countries of the world, has said that they are disappointed that the proposed Glasgow Loss and Damage Facility is not included in the final decision.

“Our people are already experiencing a mounting onslaught of loss and damage caused by climate change. We heard widespread recognition of this injustice, yet there was a failure to address it. Ensuring our communities are supported in addressing the loss and damage that the climate crisis inflicts on them remains a top priority,” the Group said in a statement after the conclusion of COP26.

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The richest countries have a moral responsibility to help the poorest and vulnerable nations and people’ –  Dr Poshendra Satyal

DR POSHENDRA SATYAL worked as a research fellow at the Warwick University’s Department of Politics and International Studies (2018-2019) and Crichton Carbon Centre and ClimateXChange – Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Climate Change (2012-2014). Poshendra has a PhD in Environmental Policy from the The Open University, UK, MPhil in Environment and Development from the University of Cambridge, UK, BSc (Honours) in Agriculture from Haryana Agricultural University, India, and a BSc from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He currently works with the Policy Team of BirdLife International’s Global Secretariat in Cambridge, UK. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (Nepal) and an Affiliate Research Fellow at the Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies (Nepal). Dr Satyal spoke with BHAGIRATH YOGI and DR JAGAN KARKI on COP26 and related issues. Excerpts of the interview: Continue reading

How much do people around the world care about climate change? We surveyed 80,000 people in 40 countries to find out

New survey results from 40 countries shows that climate change matters to most people. In the vast majority of countries, fewer than 3% said climate change was not serious at all.

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After East Africa locust attack threatens South Asia – Daily Sabah

Daily Sabha —  Nibbling their way across a large part of Africa in the worst outbreak, locust swarms are now threatening South Asian countries with India taking extra measures to ward off a new outbreak that could ravage crops. India is buying drones and specialist equipment to monitor the movement of locusts and spray insecticides.

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Rich countries must pay for climate loss and damage

Saleemul Huq

The effects of climate change are being increasingly felt in vulnerable countries like Bangladesh. Photo: Reuters




The global negotiations on how to tackle climate change take place in December at the annual Conference of Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is hosted in a different continent each year. This year it was the turn of South America, and COP25 was supposed to have been held in Santiago, Chile from December 2 to 13. However, due to the ongoing political unrest in Santiago, the government of Chile asked Spain to host it in Madrid.     Continue reading

LDC ministerial meeting endorses stronger climate action

Choki Wangmo

The 47th ministerial meeting on climate change among the least developed countries (LDCs) in Thimphu discussed and endorsed agenda for the Conference of Parties (COP25) in December.

The ministers emphasised the need to reduce the green house gas (GHG) emissions to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

The recent special report on land, climate change, and the ocean and cryosphere, published by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), highlighted the damaging impact climate change has on agriculture and important biospheres critical to LDCs’ livelihoods and food security. Continue reading