Climate Change meeting in Bangkok – LDC Group says little progress means daunting task to conclude Paris Agreement Rulebook

13 Sept 2018, Bangkok As the United Nations Climate Change negotiations drew to a close in Bangkok, Thailand last weekend, the Least Developed Countries Group drew attention to outstanding problems to be resolved, particularly climate finance and loss and damage. The meeting was the final gathering of countries before they meet to agree the implementation guidelines for the Paris Agreement in Katowice, Poland this December.

Gebru Jember Endalew, Chair of the LDC Group said: “While there was a greater sense of urgency from in Bangkok, progress has been slow, with an immense amount of work to be done and only five negotiating days in Katowice before the Paris Agreement rulebook needs to be delivered. The effectiveness of the Paris Agreement depends on the delivery of a robust set of implementation guidelines. Nearly 300 pages of text need to be refined so that textual negotiations can begin on day one in Katowice.”

A key issue in Bangkok has been climate finance. Mr Endalew said: “The Paris Agreement cannot be implemented without climate finance. Clear rules need to be agreed in Katowice to support developing countries taking climate action. The failure of rich countries to deliver adequate resources has severe ramifications for people and communities in the Least Developed Countries and around the world that are already bearing the brunt of climate change on a daily basis.”

On loss and damage, Mr Endalew said: “Loss and damage must be taken seriously by the international community. Extreme weather events continue to increase in frequency and severity, while slow-onset events are growing in impact. The LDCs and other developing countries lack the tools and resources to cope with the devastating impacts of climate change. Addressing loss and damage is integral to an effective global response to climate change and the rulebook must reflect this to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.”

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