COP22: Developing countries burn while the talks continue

Marrakesh, 15 November: “It seems that while discussions proceed at a snail’s pace, developing countries burn, are flooded and destroyed by the effects of climate change”, says Azeb Girmai, LDC Watch climate lead.

Girmai also points out that far more money is needed for adaption to climate change in developing countries. According to the 2016 Adaptation Finance Gap Report, by 2030 adaptation costs will reach $140-300 billion annually, with the potential to be five times greater by 2050. This comes to between $700 billion and $1.5 trillion.

LDC Watch, an umbrella group of civil society organisations from Least Developed Countries, said it welcomed the fact that the Paris Agreement decided that 50% of finance from the Green Climate Fund is to be used for adaptation. However, as adaptation to the threats of climate change is a case of survival for many developing countries, it is regrettable that there is no specific additional finance allocated for this under the Paris Agreement, considering what is required.

Governments must take action – not another talking shop

“Governments meeting in Marrakesh have to specify where exactly more finance for adaptation should come from if the meeting is not to be another talking shop”, insisted Girmai. “Developed Countries should agree to contribute more funds, based on Common but Differentiated Responsibilities, as enshrined in the original Convention on Climate Change”.

Developing countries are not asking for charity, insists LDC Watch; they are simply asking rich countries to pay their fair share. While rich countries are taking steps to cut their emissions and mitigate against climate change, as their long-term pollution has been so large, a financial contribution to support developing countries’ adaptation measures completes their obligation.

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