Least Developed Countries say Trump disregarding millions of lives across the world

Least Developed Countries have accused US President Donald Trump of showing disregard for the lives of millions of people around the world. Their comment as a bloc in the UN climate process is in response to his Thursday announcement on pulling the US out of the Paris climate accord. Gebru Jember Endalew , the chairperson of the group of 48 least developed countries, said in a statement they were deeply disappointed but added that the global climate momentum would continue with or without the US. “We are already seeing the impacts of climate change with record droughts, flooding and heat waves recently faced around the world.”

Mr. Endalew, a government official from  Ethiopia, that now chairs the least developed countries bloc , further said, “For Least Developed Countries the impacts are especially devastating; as the poorest countries in the world we are highly vulnerable but the least capable to respond to the threat of climate change.”

In his announcement, Mr Trump said the Paris accord punished the US and would cost millions of American jobs. He also criticised the Green Climate Fund that mainly aims to help developing countries reduce their carbon emissions and adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change. Mr. Trump said the fund was getting billions of dollars while his own citizens needed the money.

Scientists have warned  that poorest countries across the globe will be the hardest hit by climate change as they lack capacity to cope with extreme weather events. Nearly one billion people live in the least developed countries across the globe.


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