Support LDC health systems to cope with the Covid-19, UN officials say

London — The international community must support LDC governments in mobilizing adequate resources to allow their health systems to cope with the Covid-19 emergency, while also assisting vulnerable segments of the population, two UN officials have said.

COVID-19 exacerbates poverty risks in the poorest countries

Writing a blog, Paul Akiwumi and Giovanni Valensisi of the Division for Africa and Least Developed Countries, UNCTAD, have also called for the provision of emergency financial resources – preferably on a grant basis – and of technical support, as well as secure access to critical medical supplies.


“Containing the social costs of the pandemic requires averting balance of payment crises that would further strain LDC economies, and risk triggering food shortages as most countries in the category are net food importers,” they said.


It is crucial to avoid major disruptions to domestic and regional food and agricultural value chains, they said.


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